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Diana Saenz


Trubliss Fitness was established to provide a space for women to gain physical and mental health wellness. This quest for a women’s only fitness space came when an interesting article online gave a very interesting statistic it said that 7/10 women polled have received / had a negative interaction at their gym from someone of the opposite sex. This hindered them in wanting to return to the gym, made them feel uncomfortable and took their health journey from a positive experience to a negative one. Women also must consider what they wear to the gym as safety precautions, being in a space where it is only women gives them the peace of mind and a sense of security. Some women are intimidated by women who are younger or appear to have a higher level of physical fitness, our community at TBF aims to focus on compassion, empowerment of oneself, community and of course giving them the results, they are looking for.

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